Toulouse Hélico Formations and Toulouse FM radio

Raphaël Belaygue (Toulouse Hélico Formations) has been operating his Enstrom 280FX since March 12 for Toulouse FM radio.
The flights provide real-time traffic information and contribute to the visibility of businesses in the region.

Enstrom 280C Bulgarie

Another Enstrom 280C has been imported in France coming from Bulgaria late November 2020.
This 280C has been delivered by road to Company Copter in Cournonsec (South of France) in order to get its french Certificate of Airworthiness.
The new owner has also asked the Part-145 Copter to completely respray it.
Within a few weeks this Enstrom 280C will be flying again under her new colors in the Languedoc region where she’ll be based.

Aero-Consult at La Fare (LFNR)

July 24, 2020, Rotor & Aircraft teamed with Aero-Consult and spent the whole day at Helimed’s home base of La Fare les Oliviers.
All the Helimed pilots were able to enjoy a demo flight on the Enstrom 280FX of Rotor & Aircraft.
All demos flights were done by Yves Helpiquet the CEO / CFI of Aero-Consult who operates his own Enstrom 280C at Cannes airport.
Following the enthusiasm of the pilots, Yves Helpiquet has now based his Enstrom 280C at La Fare aerodrome, allowing Helimed members to fly regularly.

Toulouse Hélico Formations, Toulouse Lasbordes LFCL

September 15, 2020, the whole Rotor & Aircraft team spent a full day at Toulouse Hélico Formations (THF) who operates an Enstrom 280FX.
Raphael Belaygue, CPL (H), FI, the General Manager of Toulouse Hélico Formations (THF) is currently training several private pilots on his 280FX from either Graulhet or Toulouse-Lasborde airports.
On that same day, Jean-Claude Bruniaux who’s Rotor & Aircraft’s chief pilot was able to test an deliver to Frederic Segura his Enstrom 280FX type rating.
Prior to that day, Frederic had been trained by Raphael Belaygue on his F-HDCM.

Meeting Blois Sept 2019

The brand new demonstrator Enstrom 280FX belonging to Rotor & Aircraft the Enstrom dealer in France made its first public appearance at the Ultra Light Fly In of Blois.
During that week end many pilots were able to fly and to discover the brilliant performances of the Enstrom 280FX.

HAI Expo 2019

A new Enstrom 280FX for Training in France

At Heli Expo, Enstrom Helicopter was pleased to deliver its most recent 280FX to their french dealer Rotor & Aircraft.
This last version of the 280FX includes new wider doors which really facilitate a better access whatever the size of the pilot is.
On top of new doors, also new collective sticks with LED landing lights control. That sort of technology usually available on turbine helicopters is now embedded in the Enstrom 280FX.
The demonstrator F-HPUX is now the first model with all these new improvements.