Unique Engineering Solutions

A Highly Flexible Cabin
The Enstrom 480B has a highly flexible cabin that can be reconfigured quickly for a number of different requirements. In the typical surveyance role the cabin will supply ample room for the pilot, the observer and the navigator. The 480B is equipped with dual controls and can be flown from either seat, with both pilots having an unrestricted view of the entire instrument panel. The large,comfortable cabin offers the entire crew exceptional visibility through the large main cabin, chin, and door windows.
The key to the 480B’s training prowess lies in it’s flexible cabin design. The 480B can be configured in a three person training configuration, with an observer sitting between the pilot and instructor. This unique seating arrangement allows a second student to observe all the training, instruments, and flight controls, speeding up the learning the process. In practice this has been shown to reduce training times and increase student learning as stu-dents can learn from the actions and instructions of others. The schools can maximize time in the air with 2 student pilots on board.
The Enstrom 480B offers an easily reconfigurable seating arrangement that is unique to the industry. The controls are removable simply by pulling pins, and the seats can either be removed or folded up. The cabin can be configured with seating for up to five people, or a flat cargo floor. All this can be accomplished in only minutes, without the use of tools. Both the pilot and co-pilot’s seats are fully adjustable, along with adjustable rudder pedals, making the 480B comfortable for pilots of any stature.

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