The Enstrom 280FX has been designed to be operated with low Direct Operating Costs.

The limited number of fatigue critical parts, the long overhaul intervals, and the low maintenance hour/flight hour ratio resulting from high reliability and easy maintenance combine to yield low operating and support costs. There are only 9 life limited parts on the 280FX. Everything else, including rotor blades, is replaced on an on-condition basis. Transmission overhauls are available on an exchange basis so that the parts can be changed out in the field with a minimum of downtime. There is no life limit on the 280FX airframe. The 280FX can be fully serviced by any PART-145 organization or licensed mechanic.

More than 90% of all spare parts and components of the 280FX are manufactured at the Enstrom plant in Menominee Michigan. This means that Enstrom has a total control over spare parts deliveries. For ever Enstrom has been almost 90% of its spare parts within 24 hours. This level of support is unique in the industry. The 280FX is the model currently under production and Enstrom has a capacity to support it for life.
Eddy Pacalis and Doug Smith

In France the company Copter, located at Cournonsec (34), with 20 years of experience on Enstrom, is certified by ENSTROM HELICOPTER as Official Service Center.

The Managing Director Eddy Pacalis can be reached at +33(0)623-771-444 or copter@joulie.fr


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