Unique Engineering Solutions

An efficient Tail Rotor

The 280FX and 480B tail rotor is two-bladed, and located on a stinger so that it is totally free and clear of the airframe. This provides excellent tail rotor authority, and eliminates LTE (Loss of Tailrotor Effectiveness) issues common on many others helicopters.
The 280FX and 480B don’t require a wind azimuth chart since they don’t have any wind limitations like many others helicopters. This type of performance allows the 280FX and 480B to get into the air in conditions that would ground other ships, and yet provide a significant margin for student pilots.
In the domain of Training, Enstrom’s unique un-blocked tail rotor means the pilot doesn’t have to worry about LTE, allowing ATO to continue training and making money on their schedule, while other schools are waiting for the wind to die down.
The tail rotor is controlled via cables attached to adjustable pedals. This allows for cruise flight without the need to carry any pedal input.

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